Untold Story of Dr Jeneby’s Botched Surgery

I too had a breast augmentation done by Dr. Jeneby,I was super excited.I’ll never forget the day I went in I was nervous of course.But happy I always wanted to after having my babies.Now I was finally going to get something done.I went in March 15 ,2017 .The staff had asked me did you wash your breast with the hibiclins soap??I looked a her funny was I supposed too!Puzzled!!??No it’s okay we will clean you back there!!Well surgery happened.I went home rested got up that night I noticed I had a fever.I called the nurse line that night and  was told that supposedly it was normal.I felt so sick, so weak.I felt something was wrong!The next day I removed the wrap I noticed I had green puss pockets under my right breast I called the office again.Its normal they said!I told them no I need to go in, something is not right!So I went in the next morning .My incisions had opened.The Doctor came in and told me YOU FUCKED UP,You did something wrong .I was in tears….I told him I didn’t do anything.He swabbed my right incision.Closed me up and told me to be on my way.He put me on more antibiotics.I was on antibiotics for about 4 months. Well when I went in the following week the incisions in both breasts were open .They did another swab on both…I asked did you get the results for the one you took last week.Yes, you have ecoli ..ECOLI!!!!How??Oh,you have kids they probably touched you!!!!I was like no.My kids know mommy is sick.I felt so depressed!!!Why me!!!!What did I do to myself…Well he closes me up again..sends me on my way. He said I’ll see you next week! Well I didn’t make it till next week the incisions opened up and I just felt liquid coming out of my right breast .When it opened I was in tears, I wanted to kill my self .I went in again. I was told you have Pseudomonas.At this point I was just done.Well I have to take them out he said.But it’s going to be under local anesthetic.I told him I don’t care.My kids need me.I took them out April 17,2017…And had two  JP Tubes to drain out the infection.It was just an awful experience.The doctor you are supposed to trust, messed me up mentally and emotionally.He is out there living the high life!While we suffer.I could’ve died and left behind 5 kids who depend on me so much.I regret the day I ever meet this man!!!If my story doesn’t make sense.I am sorry. Is just hard.I have dreams about it!!It really messed up my mind.

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