Mommy Makeover Dream Crushed

I had my mommy makeover and loved the doctor and service! I couldn’t wait to get it done! So I did! They charged for everything including the “ambulance” ride which my insurance did not cover. The 1 day stay at the “hotel” with a private nurse was probably the best expierence. Nurse was awesome, explained everything I was super nice. When I first went in to see the doc, I knew I wanted smaller and perkier breast and wanted to take a scar off I had since childhood. He did mention I was it going to be happy and should get a lift and breast argumentation. He did state the enlatisity of my breast would not allow my breast to be perky like an 18 year old because of my age. (43) Breast came out with less fat on the side but still big breast. He stated once swelling went down and as I lose weight they will get smaller. I told him one breast is bigger and nipple is deformed. Dr. Jeneby turns to the PA and tells her “she thinks her right breast is bigger that the other.” PA just looks st me st my breast and dosent day a word nor has no expression on her face. He said no, they look identical and are perfect. I figured I was probably still swollen. I told Dr. Jeneby I wasn’t happy with the nipples they looked deformed at every appointment and he just said we’ll see and at the end I lll correct it if need to be. Well after almost a year he said if I wanted to correct the problem I thought I had, I needed to see the PA and go from there. It will probably be a small charge just for the anasthisia. PA comes back to the room about 10 min later to tell me the Process would be just$2,000. I felt ripped off, emotional, and been deceived by Dr. Jeneby. I already had spent over $16,000 for the “mommy makeover”. He also stated how I needed to lose more weight to not have problems. I had the leakage and puss everyone else experience on one breast and under belly scar from tummy tuck but Dr. Jeneby stated it happens sometimes. He prescribed some cream which I used and finally after several months, it finally closed. I’m not happy with breast size (same) I do have less fat on the sides of my breast but other than that, I want to have another surgery to reduse boob size. I was a DDD and feel I’m the same size with less side boobs.

Need to do a class action lawsuit!

The Dissapointed