Plastic Surgery- HORRIBLE experience

I had a breast augmentation done by Doctor Thomas T.Jeneby on Janurary 19,2018. Prior to the surgery I was told i would be able to go back to work three days after the surgery I even have a written letter saying so from him. After the surgery I was in severe pain. I told Jeneby and his staff of the pain. They told me it was normal because I was a “smaller” person. On February 25th,2018 the pain got extreme! I called jeneby’s Office around noon on a Sunday. Got transferred to a nurse that said Jeneby would return my call. I never got called back. So I went to the emergency room at the hospital where a CT was done.. they said I also needed an mri. The hospital doctor called Jeneby and he told them to send me home and for me to make an appointment the very next day. So I did. On February 26th I went in for my appointment with my sister. He looked at me and told me that he thought I was fine the pain was normal that i should just go home and ice my breasts. His PA was in there at the same time and she brought to his attention how swollen I was.. Jeneby left the room and my mom called me and asked to talked to someone Jenebys PA told myself, mom and sister that I DID need a surgery! He said if it would make everyone feel better he would preform surgery even though he said “nothing was wrong”. He wanted to do this under local antesteshia where I would be completely awake for the procedure. I declined. So he told me to pay a little over $700 and come back 3 hours later for the operation. I got there after the three hours they took me back to prep me.. tried to get an iv in, they stuck me 7 TIMES to try for an iv then the antesthisologist had to come in and do it! Jeneby did the surgery and came out and told my mom and sister that I had a lot of blood in my left breast that he had to drain and even put a drainage tube in my breast. A few short days later his office called and said during that surgery he tested me for a staff infection that came back positive. That following Monday I was supposed to have the tube removed. He said he was not going to remove it. I told him how much pain I was in and he said I had a weak pain tolerance. & he would poke a hole in the implant and be done.. doing nothing with the other. He seemed very defensive, very rude and told me that whatever happened was my fault. He also then stated that my “family” (mom and sister) must be very forgetful because my mom called the office one time after that surgery asking what to do it the drain was clogged. I left the office that day in tears because of how ugly he talked to me. I felt extremely disrespected. I feel I have had a horrible experience. I was supposed to see Jeneby again on Friday March 2,2018. ( NO ONE from jenebys office even called to see if i was ok, why i didn’t make the appointment..) However After the experience and how I was talked to I decided it was time for a second opinion from another surgeon. This surgeon (Gary Lawton) was extremely nice spent almost two hours with me explaining every single thing to me. I had my 3 rd surgery yesterday to remove the implants with dr Lawton.. he had to put two more drainage tubes in my breasts to make sure to completely rid the infection. Hopefully this will all be over soon! I felt the need to tell my story and I really hope this will save someone else from all of the pain, disrespect and misery I felt. I’m also hoping somehow someway all of Us are able to get our money back from this horrific experience we’ve all had! I also have several pictures of all of this but cannot figure out how to post them.

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