My Story

I had breast augmentation with Dr.Jeneby January 10, 2011.
I have shared my story many times to advise others and will continue to do so until he is no longer practicing. I will highlight the basic points first then get into what happened.
Jeneby offered to have my blood work done by his staff which when that was done it was the first of more of many horrible and painful experiences i had. The assistant inserted the needle to draw blood and pulled it out right away saying oh my god are you ok as blood was going in all directions from the wrong placement i was getting light headed as she was freaking out saying sorry and trying to cover all the blood from pouring out.
Jeneby recommend me to get the implants called Adjustables (which later to find out they are prone to get infected that is why other doctors do not promote using them). Note this was said to me by another doctor that i consulted after for the reconstruction i was going to need.
Jeneby did not measure the incision placement correctly i had un even placement one breast was much lower then the other. I was told this by my wonderful doctor who later did my breast reconstruction he mentioned Jeneby had measured me wrong .
Jeneby told me i would have no more then 1″ inch incisions and i have about 4″inch and 2″inch scars.
At the 3 month mark after surgery i chose the true size i wanted as they fill with more or take out the saline to the size you to what you want, that is the selling point you can choose your size. As Jeneby told me these are best for you so you do not stretch your skin in such way. Little did i know another surgeon said no your skin will adjust to whatever size you wish you do not need to wait or adjust. Why need to reopen a wound that is healing that is not safe.
Well once i chose i had another apppointment to remove the ports as i was not aware that would be done under local anesthesia i was prescribed to take 4 xanax that morning before the removal of ports. Jeneby during the procedure tried to alter and correct the measurement error by cutting more of my skin along the incision which then became a bigger problem and larger wound. While all this procedure i was under medication drowsy but crying as i felt the cutting of my skin and the sewing as Jeneby closed the wound. I spent 3 days throwing up the medication and in much pain from everything he did that day of procedure. I began to feel pain on my wound. May 13, 2011 . I had emergency surgery where Jeneby removed both implants in his surgery room in his office. The staff member i spoke to the day before the emergency surgery said after i explained the pain and what i was feeling that it sounded like a infection but he was leaving at 3 pm and if i didn’t make it in time that day i would have to wait till he came back on Monday which within the 2-3 day period the infection could spread to the rest of my body and i could die she was careless about the situation saying it was urgent to see him but if i was not there by that time he could not wait. So with what she told me i became very worried about my life i left work and rushed over i barely was able to make it. I felt the staff and Jeneby didn’t care about my situation or what i was feeling he was very cold mannered spoke in a way as if i was not a human but just another dollar amount to him.
I was told i had a very high fever and it was a infection in my left side and that i had to remove them right away. He gave me the option of just removing the infected implant and said i could stuff my bra for the meanwhile and wait to put the implant back in later. I was broken and scared to think what was happening to me as he sat there speaking to me as if i was not a person but an object with no feelings.
My implants were removed all done by local anesthesia. Jeneby after cut a small incision to place a drain in me that i had to keep in me at all times till he could remove it and when he did it was another horrible painful experience, the drain was inserted with felt like a wire cutting me every time i moved from the day it was put in to the day it was removed.
Since then i am still scared mentally, emotionally, physically. I had to find another doctor to do my reconstrcution surgery to fix all his errors and to feel like a normal woman again. The surgery was more costly this time and more then 2 hours long instead of the normal surgery time. I was truly terrified for years of going through all that again and having to go through the horrible pain but thankfully 3-4 years ago i had found a doctor who truly cared about his patients and cared about my situation.
I advise please research and ask around make sure you know what the doctors back ground is with his patients , online reviews, and most important care about you as their patient and please stay away from this doctor as i wouldn’t want anyone going through what i did.


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