Malpractice Dr Jeneby

I received breast augmentation by Dr Jeneby and was ignored when I began to run a fever. I suggested I had an infection due to pain and fever and inability to raise my arms. Dr Jeneby said there could be 11,000 reasons I could’ve running fever sacarstically. I was dismissed and I went to a PCP after a month where my incisions were confirmed to be infected as well as having an infection in the pocket. The PCP raised my breast where fluid gushed our both breast. PCP confirmed Psuedomonas infection. I informed PCP Dr Jeneby was not helping me since I started with the fever two days after the surgery and dismissed the symptoms as my fault. How could running fever be my fault? After two months of not healing Dr Jeneby finally took the implants out blaming it on me. The medications he had me on to heal my incisions were actually preventing me from healing. That was confirmed with the wound specialist from Baptist Hospital. I consulted with a wound specialist at Baptist downtown, where she took me off the medications Dr Jeneby had me on. My incisions finally healed after months of not healing they started healing after a month of taking them out. Call after call I was ignored and once implantes were in and call after call I was me ignored when incisions were not healing and infection got worse. Once they were taken out after two months of the infection being dismissed by Dr Jeneby and his staff. My incisions still hurt and did not heal properly. When I consulted with another plastic surgeon he was disgusted with the experience I had and stated my incisions still look bad. They continue to hurt me. After my experience I began to read more and more reviews online with the exact same experience I had with Dr Jeneby and I wish of would of never went to him on this matter. It was the biggest mistake and I hope more and more women begin to speak up. We may have signed paperwork to not sue him, but it still doesn’t make it right that he is not treating patients right.

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