Lost one

So here goes my story I started getting surgery 24 years old I decided to go in for some light bulb had already been working off the post baby weight so I was a good candidate for lipo it had been a few years since my first son. I had lipo on the tummy midsection and flanks I was given in pregnancy test in advance and also have my menstrual cycle at the beginning of the month so I believe that I was the perfect candidate for liposuction unfortunately turns out that I had lipo done March 9th of 2016 and April the 3rd of 2016 I was pregnant with twins after having a pregnancy test given at dr. Genovese office before surgery unfortunately it was a faulty pregnancy test and I was carrying twins I did not want to abort so I didn’t and I carried through with my pregnancy ended up miscarrying one of my twins and having a level of intensive care pregnancy throughout my whole pregnancy once one of my twins had died due to the liposuction complications of my body not being able to hold them in I then had to deal with other complications with the birth of my once twin baby boy survival. Not only did my body and libel get destroyed but my health was terrible I had to get blood transfusion and oxygen and had to be on bed rest and drop out of college because of my pregnancy complications due to being pregnant and having liposuction. After 6 months I went back to Dr jeneby and went to the board because I was really upset about miscarrying one of my babies so he decided that he would give me a discount and work on me again and the consultation was very brief I ended up having a second surgery of liposuction and only 6 months after childbirth and my results were Dreadful my skin was so saggy I looked so butchered and uneven I ended up going for a third surgery and now I have a very strange scar very uneven body and he still request that I pay him court fees for going to the board I hide for myself now everyday I’m blessed to have my son there’s no way that I would have aborted him but sometimes I cry because I wonder what it would have been like to have seen my second baby alive and sometimes I wish I can undo what I did and maybe my life would be different because now I hate myself and the scars that I carry in the deformities that I have I went to a cosmetic surgeon so that I could feel beautiful and instead I came out butchered and was told basically that things just happen this way and that I was just having unrealistic expectations for cosmetic surgery but my expectations were to pay this large amount of money so that I could feel better about myself and ended up feeling worse. Not only did my appearance change drastically but my emotional state did as well. It is now very difficult around my son’s birthday to not imagine what it be like with two babies instead of one

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