Crystal Shotwell

I had adj breast augmentation and lift on 9/13/2010 & abdominal lipo by Dr. Jeneby. I experienced a lot of pain and bruising post surgery.
Not long after my 1st follow up I began to have debilitating pain in my left chest, the pain began to travel to my back. Dr. Jeneby put me on pain medicine and a stool softener, to counteract the side effects of the pain medication.
The pain medication barely helped. I went for over three months of this excruciating pain! From September to January!
At another follow up he made me feel like it was all in my head. That there was nothing wrong. Simply me being dramatic, or having a low pain tolerance. He was completely RUDE to me! He seemed offended I even questioned him.
I couldn’t even pick up my then 3yr old son! I couldn’t get out of bed without help, or get dressed. I started “sleeping” on the couch, upright, so that when the pain woke me I could get up on my own for water and medication.
I was written up at work for tardiness because I could BARELY move in the mornings from pain and lack of sleep. I spent so many nights crying after work, even crying while at work. I cried because I was exhausted from it all! Desperate for it to all go away! Death seemed welcoming!
One night I woke with my shirt drenched. I got up from the couch and went to the bathroom to see what it was. My “healed” SCAR had opened and was GUSHING out a cloudy fluid. It reminded me of amniotic fluid.
I had Jeneby remove the implant the next day, in his office, under local anesthetic. Even then he thought nothing was wrong. He was far from gentle when he removed the implant.
Not a week later and the pain transferred to the other side. I had him remove the right implant not long after, as the pain would not subside. I spent nearly 4 months in complete hell! I wanted to die from the pain. From the lack of sleep. From being told I had caused this or that it was all in MY head! He promised to do a revision in a year. All I would have to do was pay for new implants and the anesthesia. Really?!
I was so mortified by it all. I couldn’t imagine going back. But it took me 5 years to get the courage to do it. I went back in September 2015. He still didn’t do a good job but I assume he made SOME attempt to rectify his mistake.
Post surgery I needed drains, one from each breast. He said this would prevent what happened last time. I looked like I had been beaten I was so black and blue, all over, but at least I didn’t suffer like before. I healed this time, but my breast do not look nor feel normal. The scarring is terrible! He was so rough with me that my implants healed onto my scar tissue. They will NOT move and one is noticeably higher than the other, again, he blamed my physique for it.
He is a pitiful excuse of a surgeon. He never did perform a lift like he was paid to do. He only scarred me, physically and mentally. I’ve paid him twice, for botched jobs.
I am beyond myself that I am not the only one that he has done this too. I had hoped that I was the 1 in a million that responds poorly to implants. I almost wished it had truly just been me, not his work. I didn’t want anyone else suffering. I wouldn’t wish my experience on my most hated enemy!
I hope that this helps prevent others from going through the pain and distress that I did. Stay away from him, and share your story!


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