10 months of this

Hello ladies 👋🏻 All of us completely sympathize with one another, we deserve justice! So I had my adjustable breast augmentation in the June 2017 so for 3 months it really does suck laying on the couch wondering if this will ever end. So I had my stitches open 7-8 times within those 3 months it rotated back and forth. It would be my right then the left then twice on the right then twice on the left and so on but the 3rd time he told me I had to wear a sling then wearing the sling it obviously opened again then he said while you wear the sling try not to move your other arm everyday it was a constant worry I shouldn’t move so much cause the sutures might open, worrying if there is bacteria forming at every moment, worrying how the hell am I going to work? it was like bed rest all the damn time so by the last time I get stitched up I’m thinking okay this is it I can finally enjoy these babies! Then just literally overnight I developed this black bubble under my incision under my right breast i called they told me to go early the next day, he took a look and said if I would’ve wait one more day to call them the bubble would have opened and the implant is exposed after that. I asked what causes this to happen? He responded it could be anything? Is your house clean? Are you around animals? At this point I’m really thinking this is my fault, he answers your questions as if they’re stupid with a smartalek tone and remark. He then gave me a numbing shot but he said he wasn’t going to use that much cause I had been stitched up so many times and the skin is thin he didn’t want to poke the implant. And I felt everything, he cut out the bubble and closed me up. I just kept asking myself why am I that percent that it ends up going wrong?! Why?! Hoping for this to be the last concern for awhile now. So after that another 3 months passes and it’s time to remove the ports, mind you my left port has shifted far up slowly getting further away. The day I arrived at the office a lady doctor removed my ports he was not present and I had requested for him not to cut me in the same incision line and she had no idea and was marking me in the same place. I had to tell her of course that’s not what I want. Anyways she removed the right port fast, the left was a bit of a struggle I could feel her fingers sweeping my breast to feel the port, she was there for a good minute trying to grab it. Finally we get it over with, in a matter of 3 days I began to feel very sore in my whole left arm so I didn’t think nothing of it I figured I was sore cause of the trouble the port gave her. Immediately after those 3 days i start developing a capsule I freak out call the doc, he says come over. I then tell him I know my body there is something wrong I know there is something that’s not right, He answers with a chuckle well ugh you did have a procedure done!? He always made me feel if i were a burden to him questioning my concerns. After that I developed a blister it began getting bigger and slowly changing color to blue. When I pressed my finger on it, it felt halo. Then I started to feel frequent shooting pain and burning i went to his office again he never said I had a capsule not once did it come out of his mouth. He said it could be anything that caused my situation. I removed my breasts in April with dr Connie hiers. She was awesome and so compassionate! I think I would feel differently about this whole thing if jeneby atleast showed concern or some kind of care in his heart, but he doesn’t! He does not act the way he does on tv, he’s a completely different person!

Malpractice Dr Jeneby

I received breast augmentation by Dr Jeneby and was ignored when I began to run a fever. I suggested I had an infection due to pain and fever and inability to raise my arms. Dr Jeneby said there could be 11,000 reasons I could’ve running fever sacarstically. I was dismissed and I went to a PCP after a month where my incisions were confirmed to be infected as well as having an infection in the pocket. The PCP raised my breast where fluid gushed our both breast. PCP confirmed Psuedomonas infection. I informed PCP Dr Jeneby was not helping me since I started with the fever two days after the surgery and dismissed the symptoms as my fault. How could running fever be my fault? After two months of not healing Dr Jeneby finally took the implants out blaming it on me. The medications he had me on to heal my incisions were actually preventing me from healing. That was confirmed with the wound specialist from Baptist Hospital. I consulted with a wound specialist at Baptist downtown, where she took me off the medications Dr Jeneby had me on. My incisions finally healed after months of not healing they started healing after a month of taking them out. Call after call I was ignored and once implantes were in and call after call I was me ignored when incisions were not healing and infection got worse. Once they were taken out after two months of the infection being dismissed by Dr Jeneby and his staff. My incisions still hurt and did not heal properly. When I consulted with another plastic surgeon he was disgusted with the experience I had and stated my incisions still look bad. They continue to hurt me. After my experience I began to read more and more reviews online with the exact same experience I had with Dr Jeneby and I wish of would of never went to him on this matter. It was the biggest mistake and I hope more and more women begin to speak up. We may have signed paperwork to not sue him, but it still doesn’t make it right that he is not treating patients right.

Mommy Makeover Dream Crushed

I had my mommy makeover and loved the doctor and service! I couldn’t wait to get it done! So I did! They charged for everything including the “ambulance” ride which my insurance did not cover. The 1 day stay at the “hotel” with a private nurse was probably the best expierence. Nurse was awesome, explained everything I was super nice. When I first went in to see the doc, I knew I wanted smaller and perkier breast and wanted to take a scar off I had since childhood. He did mention I was it going to be happy and should get a lift and breast argumentation. He did state the enlatisity of my breast would not allow my breast to be perky like an 18 year old because of my age. (43) Breast came out with less fat on the side but still big breast. He stated once swelling went down and as I lose weight they will get smaller. I told him one breast is bigger and nipple is deformed. Dr. Jeneby turns to the PA and tells her “she thinks her right breast is bigger that the other.” PA just looks st me st my breast and dosent day a word nor has no expression on her face. He said no, they look identical and are perfect. I figured I was probably still swollen. I told Dr. Jeneby I wasn’t happy with the nipples they looked deformed at every appointment and he just said we’ll see and at the end I lll correct it if need to be. Well after almost a year he said if I wanted to correct the problem I thought I had, I needed to see the PA and go from there. It will probably be a small charge just for the anasthisia. PA comes back to the room about 10 min later to tell me the Process would be just$2,000. I felt ripped off, emotional, and been deceived by Dr. Jeneby. I already had spent over $16,000 for the “mommy makeover”. He also stated how I needed to lose more weight to not have problems. I had the leakage and puss everyone else experience on one breast and under belly scar from tummy tuck but Dr. Jeneby stated it happens sometimes. He prescribed some cream which I used and finally after several months, it finally closed. I’m not happy with breast size (same) I do have less fat on the sides of my breast but other than that, I want to have another surgery to reduse boob size. I was a DDD and feel I’m the same size with less side boobs.

Need to do a class action lawsuit!

The Dissapointed

Lost one

So here goes my story I started getting surgery 24 years old I decided to go in for some light bulb had already been working off the post baby weight so I was a good candidate for lipo it had been a few years since my first son. I had lipo on the tummy midsection and flanks I was given in pregnancy test in advance and also have my menstrual cycle at the beginning of the month so I believe that I was the perfect candidate for liposuction unfortunately turns out that I had lipo done March 9th of 2016 and April the 3rd of 2016 I was pregnant with twins after having a pregnancy test given at dr. Genovese office before surgery unfortunately it was a faulty pregnancy test and I was carrying twins I did not want to abort so I didn’t and I carried through with my pregnancy ended up miscarrying one of my twins and having a level of intensive care pregnancy throughout my whole pregnancy once one of my twins had died due to the liposuction complications of my body not being able to hold them in I then had to deal with other complications with the birth of my once twin baby boy survival. Not only did my body and libel get destroyed but my health was terrible I had to get blood transfusion and oxygen and had to be on bed rest and drop out of college because of my pregnancy complications due to being pregnant and having liposuction. After 6 months I went back to Dr jeneby and went to the board because I was really upset about miscarrying one of my babies so he decided that he would give me a discount and work on me again and the consultation was very brief I ended up having a second surgery of liposuction and only 6 months after childbirth and my results were Dreadful my skin was so saggy I looked so butchered and uneven I ended up going for a third surgery and now I have a very strange scar very uneven body and he still request that I pay him court fees for going to the board I hide for myself now everyday I’m blessed to have my son there’s no way that I would have aborted him but sometimes I cry because I wonder what it would have been like to have seen my second baby alive and sometimes I wish I can undo what I did and maybe my life would be different because now I hate myself and the scars that I carry in the deformities that I have I went to a cosmetic surgeon so that I could feel beautiful and instead I came out butchered and was told basically that things just happen this way and that I was just having unrealistic expectations for cosmetic surgery but my expectations were to pay this large amount of money so that I could feel better about myself and ended up feeling worse. Not only did my appearance change drastically but my emotional state did as well. It is now very difficult around my son’s birthday to not imagine what it be like with two babies instead of one

Plastic Surgery- HORRIBLE experience

I had a breast augmentation done by Doctor Thomas T.Jeneby on Janurary 19,2018. Prior to the surgery I was told i would be able to go back to work three days after the surgery I even have a written letter saying so from him. After the surgery I was in severe pain. I told Jeneby and his staff of the pain. They told me it was normal because I was a “smaller” person. On February 25th,2018 the pain got extreme! I called jeneby’s Office around noon on a Sunday. Got transferred to a nurse that said Jeneby would return my call. I never got called back. So I went to the emergency room at the hospital where a CT was done.. they said I also needed an mri. The hospital doctor called Jeneby and he told them to send me home and for me to make an appointment the very next day. So I did. On February 26th I went in for my appointment with my sister. He looked at me and told me that he thought I was fine the pain was normal that i should just go home and ice my breasts. His PA was in there at the same time and she brought to his attention how swollen I was.. Jeneby left the room and my mom called me and asked to talked to someone Jenebys PA told myself, mom and sister that I DID need a surgery! He said if it would make everyone feel better he would preform surgery even though he said “nothing was wrong”. He wanted to do this under local antesteshia where I would be completely awake for the procedure. I declined. So he told me to pay a little over $700 and come back 3 hours later for the operation. I got there after the three hours they took me back to prep me.. tried to get an iv in, they stuck me 7 TIMES to try for an iv then the antesthisologist had to come in and do it! Jeneby did the surgery and came out and told my mom and sister that I had a lot of blood in my left breast that he had to drain and even put a drainage tube in my breast. A few short days later his office called and said during that surgery he tested me for a staff infection that came back positive. That following Monday I was supposed to have the tube removed. He said he was not going to remove it. I told him how much pain I was in and he said I had a weak pain tolerance. & he would poke a hole in the implant and be done.. doing nothing with the other. He seemed very defensive, very rude and told me that whatever happened was my fault. He also then stated that my “family” (mom and sister) must be very forgetful because my mom called the office one time after that surgery asking what to do it the drain was clogged. I left the office that day in tears because of how ugly he talked to me. I felt extremely disrespected. I feel I have had a horrible experience. I was supposed to see Jeneby again on Friday March 2,2018. ( NO ONE from jenebys office even called to see if i was ok, why i didn’t make the appointment..) However After the experience and how I was talked to I decided it was time for a second opinion from another surgeon. This surgeon (Gary Lawton) was extremely nice spent almost two hours with me explaining every single thing to me. I had my 3 rd surgery yesterday to remove the implants with dr Lawton.. he had to put two more drainage tubes in my breasts to make sure to completely rid the infection. Hopefully this will all be over soon! I felt the need to tell my story and I really hope this will save someone else from all of the pain, disrespect and misery I felt. I’m also hoping somehow someway all of Us are able to get our money back from this horrific experience we’ve all had! I also have several pictures of all of this but cannot figure out how to post them.

My Story

I had breast augmentation with Dr.Jeneby January 10, 2011.
I have shared my story many times to advise others and will continue to do so until he is no longer practicing. I will highlight the basic points first then get into what happened.
Jeneby offered to have my blood work done by his staff which when that was done it was the first of more of many horrible and painful experiences i had. The assistant inserted the needle to draw blood and pulled it out right away saying oh my god are you ok as blood was going in all directions from the wrong placement i was getting light headed as she was freaking out saying sorry and trying to cover all the blood from pouring out.
Jeneby recommend me to get the implants called Adjustables (which later to find out they are prone to get infected that is why other doctors do not promote using them). Note this was said to me by another doctor that i consulted after for the reconstruction i was going to need.
Jeneby did not measure the incision placement correctly i had un even placement one breast was much lower then the other. I was told this by my wonderful doctor who later did my breast reconstruction he mentioned Jeneby had measured me wrong .
Jeneby told me i would have no more then 1″ inch incisions and i have about 4″inch and 2″inch scars.
At the 3 month mark after surgery i chose the true size i wanted as they fill with more or take out the saline to the size you to what you want, that is the selling point you can choose your size. As Jeneby told me these are best for you so you do not stretch your skin in such way. Little did i know another surgeon said no your skin will adjust to whatever size you wish you do not need to wait or adjust. Why need to reopen a wound that is healing that is not safe.
Well once i chose i had another apppointment to remove the ports as i was not aware that would be done under local anesthesia i was prescribed to take 4 xanax that morning before the removal of ports. Jeneby during the procedure tried to alter and correct the measurement error by cutting more of my skin along the incision which then became a bigger problem and larger wound. While all this procedure i was under medication drowsy but crying as i felt the cutting of my skin and the sewing as Jeneby closed the wound. I spent 3 days throwing up the medication and in much pain from everything he did that day of procedure. I began to feel pain on my wound. May 13, 2011 . I had emergency surgery where Jeneby removed both implants in his surgery room in his office. The staff member i spoke to the day before the emergency surgery said after i explained the pain and what i was feeling that it sounded like a infection but he was leaving at 3 pm and if i didn’t make it in time that day i would have to wait till he came back on Monday which within the 2-3 day period the infection could spread to the rest of my body and i could die she was careless about the situation saying it was urgent to see him but if i was not there by that time he could not wait. So with what she told me i became very worried about my life i left work and rushed over i barely was able to make it. I felt the staff and Jeneby didn’t care about my situation or what i was feeling he was very cold mannered spoke in a way as if i was not a human but just another dollar amount to him.
I was told i had a very high fever and it was a infection in my left side and that i had to remove them right away. He gave me the option of just removing the infected implant and said i could stuff my bra for the meanwhile and wait to put the implant back in later. I was broken and scared to think what was happening to me as he sat there speaking to me as if i was not a person but an object with no feelings.
My implants were removed all done by local anesthesia. Jeneby after cut a small incision to place a drain in me that i had to keep in me at all times till he could remove it and when he did it was another horrible painful experience, the drain was inserted with felt like a wire cutting me every time i moved from the day it was put in to the day it was removed.
Since then i am still scared mentally, emotionally, physically. I had to find another doctor to do my reconstrcution surgery to fix all his errors and to feel like a normal woman again. The surgery was more costly this time and more then 2 hours long instead of the normal surgery time. I was truly terrified for years of going through all that again and having to go through the horrible pain but thankfully 3-4 years ago i had found a doctor who truly cared about his patients and cared about my situation.
I advise please research and ask around make sure you know what the doctors back ground is with his patients , online reviews, and most important care about you as their patient and please stay away from this doctor as i wouldn’t want anyone going through what i did.


My nightmare

I’ll begin by saying I’m a mother, wife, daughter, sister, and a teacher who always puts God first. My story begins summer 2017… I’m an avid runner and crossfitter… worked very hard to stay in shape and continue to be active with my girls… after having my babies my body just wasn’t bouncing back the way I would have liked… so I started researching plastic surgeons in the San Antonio area… Dr. Jeneby was everywhere! And his reviews were fantastic! I went in for a surgery consult with Nancy… she was nice… a little on the uneducated side… but I convinced myself that the reviews were great and I was just being too picky… I was soooooo excited! I had scheduled my mommy makeover for July 2018…
Day of surgery: check-in and everyone is nice and the nurse preps me for surgery…. Dr Jeneby comes in marks me up and it’s soon time to go to the operating table…
After Surgery: I wake up in a daze in and out and in a remarkable amount of pain… the EMTS get there to take me to the hotel… the ride is rough as they do not avoid any bumps… get to the hotel and they wheel me in… as they are about to transfer me to the bed… it so happens the transfer sheet was wrong, and they drop me! I had just been sliced open and they dropped me about 2ft onto the bed… My sister was with me and panicked! My blood pressure sky rocketed… the nurse that was with me gave me pain medication and my blood pressure slowly came down…
Recovery: Did everything right! Rested, slept, drank my protein, ate healthy, kept everything super clean!
One week post op appt: talked to Nancy about the the EMTS dropping me… she was sincerely embarrassed and kept apologizing… in comes Dr Jeneby, she tells him what happened and he immediately says “well that’s not our fault” “if you want to make a complaint, I’ll give you the number to the EMT company” WOW! I couldn’t believe he was so uncaring! Didn’t even ask if I was ok… Nancy did give me a free facial at Spa Black… thanks but no thanks…
2 week check up: my right arm starts bothering me… a lot… I let them know and they said it was normal and it will go away… Dr Jeneby looks at my scars and says (with his thumbs up) “Awesome!”
3weeks: the pain becomes worse and I notice a brownish stain on my gauze from my right Breast incision… I call them and send them a pic (live out of town) and they say it’s normal… it’s coming from the sterilstrips…
That night: I wake up and feel dripping from my breast incision area… i take off my ace bandage and my gauze is soaked!! And fluid won’t stop from gushing out…I panic! I’m sick to my stomach and I can’t breathe… my poor husband didn’t know how to help me… it was constant non stop… clear liquid…I called the office and left a message… I got a call back about 3 hours later and they told me to go in ASAP…
Next day I go in… Nancy tells me that it’s no big deal, that the liquid is clear and should be fine… Dr Jeneby comes in… not at all concerned or interested in how I was feeling… he squeezes my right breast sooo hard it brought tears to my eyes… then he took a sample of the fluid to send to the lab. He proceeded to numb my area… mind you, he had just squeezed my breast which was throbbing with pain… he didn’t even give my a heads up… he just stuck me over and over again… he resutured me and told me I needed to do less that I was over doing it… over doing what??? I had been in bed for 3 weeks taking it easy!
Next day: I get a call from the doctors office and they tell me I have an infection; pseudomonas bacteria… they asked me if I had been in a nursing home or was in contact with someone who had been, since it was a common bacteria found in around the elderly… I told them NO! They put me on ciproflaxcin and said they wanted to see me the following week…
Week 4: Go in and Dr Jeneby continues to let me know that they have never seen this infection and that it is new to them… that it’s found in soil or nursing homes… he asked me if I had a dog… which I do, and he said that the dog might have brought it in… I felt horrible… as if I was dirty… and I did this to myself… he checked my sutures again on my right breast and said it looked red and irratated… so he reopens me again… drains about 50cc’s from my implant and resutures me … again! The pain was numbing … but the worst part is that I wasn’t living… I couldn’t participate in any of the activities that I loved to do, I couldn’t carry anything over 5lbs, I wasn’t the mother I use to be… I hated that I had made this descicion myself… I was healthy! No health issues no medications and here I was…
Week 5: went back so they could check my incision…again… it wasn’t healing… so the news was the right implant had to come out! I was devastated…. and Dr Jeneby just walked out… I told Nancy that day, “Dr Jeneby is so rude”… her excuse for him was that he had just had a busy morning… Wow….
I wanted both of them out!! I wanted to be myself again… but after talking to my friend who is a PA (and went through the same thing with him… except she had MRSA) she convinced me to just get it replaced…
Next day: I went in and under local anesthesia he cut and pulled out my implant… it was horrible!!! I felt absolutely lost and embarrassed! I felt selfish for choosing to do this to myself… my poor husband who had to see me so depressed and my daughters who really lost their mommy for all that time…
Fast forward to 3 month later: my replacemt day was Dec 18th… nervous as can be I go in to get my implant replaced… mind you I had to pay another 1250$ on top of the 15k I had already paid… he wanted to keep the port in to make adjustments… for some reason I associated the ports to the infection… so I declined the port…
It’s been 8 weeks since my replacement and so far everything seems ok… I still get nervous thinking that My incision is going to open up and fluid will be flowing out of my breast… I lost so much of myself due to his lack of professionalism and etiquette … I will probably need to redue my BA in the near future… but I will never step foot in his office again… I wasn’t too sure about writing my story… but the truth is, if there were woman who would of spoken up… filled out reviews… I might have never choosen him as my Plastic Surgeon… if I could help women at least think twice about going to him… it’s worth it to put my story out… God is good… and the journeys we go through only make us stronger… I just hope more women speak up to stop this man from being so careless and from practicing a craft he is definitely not qualified to perform. Still healing from surgery… but the emotional healing will take much longer….
I pray for all women who have been affected by this man….God Bless


Untold Story of Dr Jeneby’s Botched Surgery

I too had a breast augmentation done by Dr. Jeneby,I was super excited.I’ll never forget the day I went in I was nervous of course.But happy I always wanted to after having my babies.Now I was finally going to get something done.I went in March 15 ,2017 .The staff had asked me did you wash your breast with the hibiclins soap??I looked a her funny was I supposed too!Puzzled!!??No it’s okay we will clean you back there!!Well surgery happened.I went home rested got up that night I noticed I had a fever.I called the nurse line that night and  was told that supposedly it was normal.I felt so sick, so weak.I felt something was wrong!The next day I removed the wrap I noticed I had green puss pockets under my right breast I called the office again.Its normal they said!I told them no I need to go in, something is not right!So I went in the next morning .My incisions had opened.The Doctor came in and told me YOU FUCKED UP,You did something wrong .I was in tears….I told him I didn’t do anything.He swabbed my right incision.Closed me up and told me to be on my way.He put me on more antibiotics.I was on antibiotics for about 4 months. Well when I went in the following week the incisions in both breasts were open .They did another swab on both…I asked did you get the results for the one you took last week.Yes, you have ecoli ..ECOLI!!!!How??Oh,you have kids they probably touched you!!!!I was like no.My kids know mommy is sick.I felt so depressed!!!Why me!!!!What did I do to myself…Well he closes me up again..sends me on my way. He said I’ll see you next week! Well I didn’t make it till next week the incisions opened up and I just felt liquid coming out of my right breast .When it opened I was in tears, I wanted to kill my self .I went in again. I was told you have Pseudomonas.At this point I was just done.Well I have to take them out he said.But it’s going to be under local anesthetic.I told him I don’t care.My kids need me.I took them out April 17,2017…And had two  JP Tubes to drain out the infection.It was just an awful experience.The doctor you are supposed to trust, messed me up mentally and emotionally.He is out there living the high life!While we suffer.I could’ve died and left behind 5 kids who depend on me so much.I regret the day I ever meet this man!!!If my story doesn’t make sense.I am sorry. Is just hard.I have dreams about it!!It really messed up my mind.

Alison Ellington

I went in July 20, 2017 for what I thought would be a routine breast augmentation with the adjustable implants. At the time I was so concerned about pain management I didn’t even think that oh geez I may get an infection from this. According to him, it was a 3% infection rate that he had seen with his patients. So everything was fine and dandy I was happy with my breasts until about one-week postop when I developed a surgical glue rash that developed around my incision lines. I saw the PA at the office at my one week appointment and was told that I look like I was having a reaction to that surgical glue and I was put on a topical cream to use for that. A short few days later I begin to notice some drainage coming out of my right breast. Since I work at an emergency room I had one of my doctors take a look at it and she definitely said that the fluid needed to be cultured to go ahead and call Dr. Jeneby‘s office. They got me in the same day and went ahead and sent a culture out and started me on doxycycline and Cipro until we waited to see what the culture results came back as. I also had a couple of stitches that seem to be pulling away so he re-sutured my left breast and there was a couple of areas on my right incision line looked like it was popping open so he sutured those as well so I left the office with both incision lines being re-sutured in a couple of spots.

A couple of days later I got a call from the office stating that it was pseudomonas bacteria, which is a very very drug-resistant bacteria that’s hard to fight. The only thing that could fight it orally would be Cipro and Levaquin. This type of bacteria I was familiar with because my grandmother contracted the same bacterial infection while she was in the hospital. Dr. Jeneby told me because I work at an emergency room and I’m in healthcare that I probably contracted this infection at work.

At my two week postop appointment my right breast incision line then started with the same drainage as the left side. The stitches that were placed a few days earlier popped open and I had a nasty hole in my incision line. He had to suture me back up again for the second time and said to continue with the anibiotics. He did inform me that if it pops open again that the implants would have to come out because there’s just no saving the implants after an infection like this. I had high hopes that I wouldn’t have to lose my implants. I was praying every day that there would be no drainage on my gauze pads because that was a sign that the infection was not clearing up. The drainage did not stop and my incision line popped back open again for a third time and so it was time to make the decision to take the implants out. I was scheduled for explanation four weeks after the original surgery. I was awake for that procedure and it was not fun. The feeling of the water and suction, while he cleaned out the breast pocket, it was quite painful. I was placed with JP drains that were in for about a week. It was very uncomfortable and very painful experience to have these things just hanging from my boobs….. I was humiliated. I was disgusted. I was in pain and I thought I was the only one that was dealing with this type of infection. He made me believe that I was just in the 3% and I had bad luck.

I went back for my one week postop after explantation and since the drainage amount have been less than 25 mL they went ahead and took out the JP drains. I was on a course of Cipro and Levaquin for six weeks. I didn’t want to go to an infectious disease doctor and have a picc line placed and have to uproot my whole life and miss time from work so I just stayed on the antibiotic for the full six weeks. I was told I had to wait three months before we could try again with the implants. Had I known then what I know now I would not have gone through with it. My gut told me something was not right. My medical director at work, my mother, and my husband all expressed concerns that most likely this infection came from his operating room, not from work. The type of facility I work at is not an inpatient facility where you can catch Pseudomonas just by walking around. I also am not involved in direct patient care. I manage the front office so I do admin work.

Three months after this horrible ordeal I went ahead and went through with having implants placed back in. What he left me with was worse than what I went in with so I felt like I had already invested in this so I was going to finish it. I requested to be the first surgery of the day so that the OR was sterile and clean. My surgery was November 22, 2017. I am currently almost 3 months postop and so far have had no other issues. I’m scheduled for the “fill” on 2/22/18, and seriously reconsidering this appointment. I still have ports in because I have the adjustable implants. Now that I know there are others that are fighting the same battle, I will not be going back to Dr. Jeneby to finish. I will be scheduling an ultrasound appointment to make sure that everything is OK in my breast pockets, and also be reaching out to other plastic surgeons for consultation on how to proceed.

I pray for all the other victims and just know that you’re not alone.

Crystal Shotwell

I had adj breast augmentation and lift on 9/13/2010 & abdominal lipo by Dr. Jeneby. I experienced a lot of pain and bruising post surgery.
Not long after my 1st follow up I began to have debilitating pain in my left chest, the pain began to travel to my back. Dr. Jeneby put me on pain medicine and a stool softener, to counteract the side effects of the pain medication.
The pain medication barely helped. I went for over three months of this excruciating pain! From September to January!
At another follow up he made me feel like it was all in my head. That there was nothing wrong. Simply me being dramatic, or having a low pain tolerance. He was completely RUDE to me! He seemed offended I even questioned him.
I couldn’t even pick up my then 3yr old son! I couldn’t get out of bed without help, or get dressed. I started “sleeping” on the couch, upright, so that when the pain woke me I could get up on my own for water and medication.
I was written up at work for tardiness because I could BARELY move in the mornings from pain and lack of sleep. I spent so many nights crying after work, even crying while at work. I cried because I was exhausted from it all! Desperate for it to all go away! Death seemed welcoming!
One night I woke with my shirt drenched. I got up from the couch and went to the bathroom to see what it was. My “healed” SCAR had opened and was GUSHING out a cloudy fluid. It reminded me of amniotic fluid.
I had Jeneby remove the implant the next day, in his office, under local anesthetic. Even then he thought nothing was wrong. He was far from gentle when he removed the implant.
Not a week later and the pain transferred to the other side. I had him remove the right implant not long after, as the pain would not subside. I spent nearly 4 months in complete hell! I wanted to die from the pain. From the lack of sleep. From being told I had caused this or that it was all in MY head! He promised to do a revision in a year. All I would have to do was pay for new implants and the anesthesia. Really?!
I was so mortified by it all. I couldn’t imagine going back. But it took me 5 years to get the courage to do it. I went back in September 2015. He still didn’t do a good job but I assume he made SOME attempt to rectify his mistake.
Post surgery I needed drains, one from each breast. He said this would prevent what happened last time. I looked like I had been beaten I was so black and blue, all over, but at least I didn’t suffer like before. I healed this time, but my breast do not look nor feel normal. The scarring is terrible! He was so rough with me that my implants healed onto my scar tissue. They will NOT move and one is noticeably higher than the other, again, he blamed my physique for it.
He is a pitiful excuse of a surgeon. He never did perform a lift like he was paid to do. He only scarred me, physically and mentally. I’ve paid him twice, for botched jobs.
I am beyond myself that I am not the only one that he has done this too. I had hoped that I was the 1 in a million that responds poorly to implants. I almost wished it had truly just been me, not his work. I didn’t want anyone else suffering. I wouldn’t wish my experience on my most hated enemy!
I hope that this helps prevent others from going through the pain and distress that I did. Stay away from him, and share your story!