10 months of this

Hello ladies 👋🏻 All of us completely sympathize with one another, we deserve justice! So I had my adjustable breast augmentation in the June 2017 so for 3 months it really does suck laying on the couch wondering if this will ever end. So I had my stitches open 7-8 times within those 3 months it rotated back and forth. It would be my right then the left then twice on the right then twice on the left and so on but the 3rd time he told me I had to wear a sling then wearing the sling it obviously opened again then he said while you wear the sling try not to move your other arm everyday it was a constant worry I shouldn’t move so much cause the sutures might open, worrying if there is bacteria forming at every moment, worrying how the hell am I going to work? it was like bed rest all the damn time so by the last time I get stitched up I’m thinking okay this is it I can finally enjoy these babies! Then just literally overnight I developed this black bubble under my incision under my right breast i called they told me to go early the next day, he took a look and said if I would’ve wait one more day to call them the bubble would have opened and the implant is exposed after that. I asked what causes this to happen? He responded it could be anything? Is your house clean? Are you around animals? At this point I’m really thinking this is my fault, he answers your questions as if they’re stupid with a smartalek tone and remark. He then gave me a numbing shot but he said he wasn’t going to use that much cause I had been stitched up so many times and the skin is thin he didn’t want to poke the implant. And I felt everything, he cut out the bubble and closed me up. I just kept asking myself why am I that percent that it ends up going wrong?! Why?! Hoping for this to be the last concern for awhile now. So after that another 3 months passes and it’s time to remove the ports, mind you my left port has shifted far up slowly getting further away. The day I arrived at the office a lady doctor removed my ports he was not present and I had requested for him not to cut me in the same incision line and she had no idea and was marking me in the same place. I had to tell her of course that’s not what I want. Anyways she removed the right port fast, the left was a bit of a struggle I could feel her fingers sweeping my breast to feel the port, she was there for a good minute trying to grab it. Finally we get it over with, in a matter of 3 days I began to feel very sore in my whole left arm so I didn’t think nothing of it I figured I was sore cause of the trouble the port gave her. Immediately after those 3 days i start developing a capsule I freak out call the doc, he says come over. I then tell him I know my body there is something wrong I know there is something that’s not right, He answers with a chuckle well ugh you did have a procedure done!? He always made me feel if i were a burden to him questioning my concerns. After that I developed a blister it began getting bigger and slowly changing color to blue. When I pressed my finger on it, it felt halo. Then I started to feel frequent shooting pain and burning i went to his office again he never said I had a capsule not once did it come out of his mouth. He said it could be anything that caused my situation. I removed my breasts in April with dr Connie hiers. She was awesome and so compassionate! I think I would feel differently about this whole thing if jeneby atleast showed concern or some kind of care in his heart, but he doesn’t! He does not act the way he does on tv, he’s a completely different person!

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